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An Introduction To The Declaration Of The Causes And Necessity Of Taking Up Arms - 1775

Declaration Of The Causes And Necessity Of Taking Up Arms - July 6, 1775
On April 27th, 1775, British General, Thomas Gage, disarmed the
people of Boston under the pretence that, if they turned in their
weapons, they would be allowed to leave the city. After collecting 1,778 muskets and 634 pistols, he did not allow them to leave anyway. The Declaration of Causes of Taking up Arms was written two months later by Thomas Jefferson and John Dickson. In it, they state regarding the Bostonians who disarmed, "They accordingly delivered up their arms; but in open violation of honor."
The Sanquhar Declaration A Declaration posted by the Scottish Covenanters on June 22nd, 1680, wherein they declared war on Charles Stuart, the King of England.
The Fate Of Blood-Thirsty Oppresors, And God's Tender Care Of His Distressed People A sermon preached by Jonas Clark, Pastor of the Church at Lexington, on April 19, 1776; to commemorate the MURDER, BLOOD-SHED, and commencement of hostilities, between Great-Britain and America, in that town, Command of Lieutanent-Colnel SMITH, on the nineteenth of APRIL, 1775.
Quotes Regarding Resistance To Unjust Governments John Knox, John Calvin, the Apostles, and others.
Whether Kings, princes, and other political governors be subject to God's laws, and the positive laws of their countries. A short treatise of political power, and of the true obedience which subjects owe to kings and other civil governors, with an exhortation to all true natural English men, compiled by Dr. John Ponet.